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"I Heart NY" is by far the most famous statement ever written in t-shirt history.

Hundreds of millions of t-shirts have been sold since 1977 when an advertiser came up with the idea while riding in a cab. However, do those t-shirt owners ever wonder if NY hearts them? This is the story of two people who did.


One is a guy, a cheesy, enthusiastic musician who comes to New York from Italy on vacation and discovers profound and irresistible attraction to the city. Amused by its infinite spectrum of features he develops the impelling need to call this place home.


And one is a girl, she is homeless; born and raised in a narrow-minded family from Middle America. Her misunderstood wit, vitality and sensitivity have unjustly led her to be under a heavy cocktail of psychiatric medications since an early age.

She moved to New York in desperate search for a better life.


Their two lives will converge by means of their mutual imaginary friend Serendipity.


With New York City as an influential background, a roller coaster of fun and drama will then begin.

"Does NY Heart Me?" is an inspiring, dramatic and feel-good musical inspired by an improbable true story.

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